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3 Tips to Build a Strong HR Company

Here are three tips to build a really strong culture that wins in the marketplace:

  • Hire right. There are a lot of questions you’re actually allowed to ask in the interview process that will help you find out if that person’s a woke employee who’s going to nuke your culture, or they’re just a person who wants to bring value to your company.

  • Align responsibility with authority. If you get these out of whack with your employees, they will become frustrated that they don’t have the ability to execute what you’ve asked them to do. If your HR department, for instance, has tons of authority but not a lot of responsibility, then someone else is losing the authority that they need to execute on the responsibility you’ve given them.

  • Let your employees be themselves. Let your employee bring their whole self to work. We used to hear this all the time 15 years ago. Today, people who have a difference of opinion from the woke mob are not allowed to bring their whole self to work.

- Andrew Crapuchettes, Founder and CEO of RedBalloon

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