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A Heartfelt Thank-You From our CEO

Dear RedBalloon Community,

This past week has been absolutely remarkable. The RedBalloon community doubled in size in just a few days! Because we have so many new members, I wanted to reach out today to welcome you and say thank you.

There's an immense and growing demand for jobs that will fulfill Americans' desire to work without invasion of privacy or infringement of constitutional rights. I founded RedBalloon to meet that need. I believe the booming growth we've experienced so far is an indicator of a greater workforce trend in the United States - people like you who are saying, “that’s enough” and drawing a line to defend their God-given constitutional rights and freedom to work.

Help us avoid growing pains!

After this week’s surge in signups, we’ve outgrown our current website! Over the next few weeks, our site is migrating to a new platform to keep up with demand and to serve our pro-freedom community even better.

If you have any feedback for our team as we make this transition - please reach out! We don’t have any bots, automated messages, or confusing phone menus. We are REAL people, here to serve your REAL concerns. Contact me at for whatever you need. And if you’ve had a fantastic user experience, let me know - we try to keep things positive around here, and we like to hear positivity from our users as well!

RedBalloon is not afraid to take a stand for freedom. We will continue to provide a community for employers who are committed to protecting their employees’ constitutional rights and medical freedom. Thank you for standing with us, and we will continue to make it our mission to serve you!

Warm regards,

Andrew Crapuchettes


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