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A New Conservative Age is Rising with Dr. Steve Turley

Notes from the Producer

If you are a conservative, there is a lot to be excited about, even in these tumultuous times. That's what internationally recognized scholar, speaker, and author Dr. Steve Turley says. He joins Andrew to share why we are seeing the fall of secularism in America, how the modernist myth is losing its hold, and the reinvigorated conservative movement.

Dr. Turley supports his hopeful position. From Russia to Europe to the U.S., citizens are rising up and reasserting their religion, culture, and nation as mechanisms of resistance against the dehumanizing tendencies of secularism and globalism. If you sometimes feel like fighting for freedom is a losing battle, Dr. Steve will convince you otherwise.

Dr. Steve Talks About

  • His discovery of post-secular scholarship: populations rejecting the dehumanizing tendencies of secularism and returning to their national identity, customs, and religion.

  • The Soviet Union’s fall on Christmas Day, 1991. Many thought that western liberal democracy was globally established for good, but they were wrong.

  • People don't believe the modernist myth anymore. Scientific rationalism is not the "one-size-fits-all political, economic, ideological system for all peoples, times, and places" that it promises to be.

  • Post-security politics: people pushing back against globalism and choosing to embrace their national identity and customs.

  • There is a great reason for hope at this unique point in history. Cultural shifts are moving in a good direction for conservatives.

  • Books such as Exhausting Modernity by Teresa Brennan, and The Postmodern Condition by Jean-François Lyotard.

  • Secularism has played itself out as far as it can, and now is trying to solve the problems that it created.

  • Brexit was the one of biggest pushes against liberalism, and the unique political events that followed resulted in the success of Donald Trump in the US, Matteo Salvini in Italy, Marine Le Pen in France, and BJP party in India.

  • Solzhenitsyn observed in his 1979 Harvard University address that the pampered west had lost its courage - the all-important virtue that the Eastern block exhibited in their valiant struggle against the Soviets.

  • The ancient philosophers thought that courage was the most important of the four great virtues (wisdom, justice, moderation, and courage).

  • Brandon Straka and the Walk Away movement.

  • Czechoslovakian dissidents Václav Benda and Václav Havel and their advocacy for the building of a 'parallel public' and 'parallel polis,' and how the ancient Christian church provided the model that they used for building parallel social structures that competed with Soviet institutions.

  • Industrious, pro-freedom Americans have been establishing a parallel economy that has blossomed in many industries - from tech, media, and education to healthcare, internet services, and even currency.

  • Secularism has tried to maintain its worldview without incorporating the idea of 'sacred.’

  • The importance of faith communities in the parallel economy.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

"As crazy and tumultuous as they seem - things really are moving in our direction."

"They always use fear and intimidation to keep us in line - the moment we say we're not playing by those rules anymore, they have no power over us."

"Without courage, everything else falls apart - truth, goodness, beauty, wisdom, moderation, faith, hope love - it all falls apart."

-Dr. Steve Turley

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Be encouraged! The coming cultural shifts are an opportunity to establish a healthy and courageous parallel economy.

Step 2: Find a strong, conservative community and nurture the relationships that you find there.

In this Show

As Andrew likes to say, go be brave! We’ll be back next week for more encouragement and ideas from The Courageous Economy!

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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