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Banking on her values. Tamar Artinian Left a High-Paying Corporate Job and Found a Better Path

Tamar Artinian was every company’s dream employee. She worked for her employer – a financial instution – for almost sixteen years, starting at the bottom and advancing until she joined the communications team supporting the CEO and Board of Directors.

Tamar had put in the time and effort. She invested and built a solid career, and was happy in her work.

But, the COVID era changed everything.

This company she had loved and to which she had given so much began changing, finding herself struggling between her own person morals and her career.

She was troubled, and even frightened, by the prospect of leaving her job. “Could I even be Tamar outside of my job?” she wondered.

Feeling the inevitable coming, she posted her resume on LinkedIn and was flooded with less-than-good job options.

Then Tamar saw an interview with Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of RedBalloon, and the message of freedom in the workplace struck a chord.

She gave RedBalloon a chance and was encouraged by RedBalloon’s user-friendly website . The job listings were short and concise, free of overwhelming descriptions or complicated application forms. And the opportunities were real and substantive. Tamar knew right away whether the job matched her skill sets and interests.

On her very first day on RedBalloon, Tamar applied to five jobs and heard back from all of them. “I couldn’t believe how fast it happened,” she said, “It can take months to screen through candidates. With RedBalloon the process took weeks.”

She ultimately chose a position with The Nine Minds Group, a business helping other companies harness the technologies to boost their operations.

Today, Tamar shares her company’s values and has no regrets. “It was a big step. And it was quite liberating to know that there are places to go for folks who need that liberation from corporate life. RedBalloon was such a great experience for a difficult time in my life.”

The fact is, good work is part of a good life. If your employer no longer respects your values, then maybe it’s time for a change. Every week, helps tens of thousands of job seekers connect with good employers who won’t force them to choose between their values and their job.

Check out today and find your future.

Also, check out Tamar Artinian's "RedBalloon success story" here:

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