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Big Job Boards: “Faith is bad, woke gender identity is good”

“Come work for a God-fearing, freedom-loving company. . .”

That simple phrase included on Erber Auto’s job posting was enough for the woke censors at Indeed to disqualify the entire job listing, declaring it a “violation of Indeed’s job posting standards.”

Never mind that “in God we trust” is all over our nation’s money supply. This broad reference “God fearing” was enough to trigger Indeed, and make cancel culture strike another blow against religious and economic freedom.

But what does Indeed allow? How about this posting for a high school math teacher: “We believe that equity, inclusion and empowerment must always be the center of our work and our culture, specifically around...gender identity/sexual orientation..."

“God fearing, freedom loving” is out. But “equity and empowerment based on gender identity” is in, even for a high school math listing.

All Erber Auto wanted was to attract employees that work hard, believe in honesty and integrity, and appreciate the free market system. They basically want employees who fit into their current workplace culture.

Similarly, a small construction company in Texas posted a job stating that they valued employees who worked cheerfully and diligently and that the company also “valued their faith.” Once again Indeed pulled the posting as a violation.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, conservative workplace values aren’t allowed on Indeed. In fact, Indeed and other big job boards are on the forefront of pushing woke ideology in the workplace. Indeed has been heralded by the transgender community for its ad campaign highlighting the “anxiety” a trans job applicant experiences.

Ben Franklin stated that free thought and free enterprise are inseparable. But, there’s a growing movement by all-things-woke to shut down differing opinions and silence any who don’t adhere to the woke orthodoxy, also known as DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion).

That’s one reason why RedBalloon has grown so quickly. We hear these stories every day from beleaguered small-to-medium-sized businesses that get manhandled by the big job boards.

Job recruiters that use RedBalloon have to agree to the Employer’s Pledge, and they commit to not discriminating against their employees’ religious freedom, infringing on their constitutional rights, or invading their medical privacy.

A small business can’t afford a bad hire. They need people who fit in with their workplace culture. And, they’re generally more focused on serving their customers, rather than virtue signaling for the latest cause.

There’s a growing movement in America’s economy – woke versus work. In the freedom economy, companies are pushing back against the radicalization of the workplace, and against the forced recruitment of big business into the left’s war on culture.

Woke companies like Indeed have chosen sides. Increasingly, small businesses owners are figuring this out.

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Max R.
Max R.
25 avr.

That's what I read in Dolores Cannon money faith book. She beautifully explained the "dangers" of the woke culture and gender identity.

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