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Starbucks Manager Wins Major Court Ruling

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Breaking: Starbucks Manager Wins $25.6 Million in Court Ruling After Successfully Proving She Was Fired for Her Skin Color.

(Philadelphia, PA) -- In a major blow to racially divisive DEI policies, former Starbucks manager Shannon Phillips won a staggering $25 million in a lawsuit against the company over her firing back in 2018.

Phillips, who is white, successfully argued in court she was fired for her skin color as a “sacrificial lamb” over the anger of social media activists.

The lawsuit stemmed from an incident where Phillips, a regional manager of dozens of Starbucks cafés, was wrongfully terminated after an incident involving two black customers, Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson.

Robinson and Nelson refused to leave a Philadelphia area Starbucks after occupying a table for a long length of time without buying any Starbucks products. Police were called and the incident, which was captured on cellphone video, went viral on social media.

Starbucks’ damage control included firing Phillips, even though she was not responsible for the incident. According to Phillips’s lawyer, the company was looking for a "sacrificial lamb" to show it was taking action after the arrests.

The lawsuit is a huge win for those who believe skin color should have no bearing on anyone’s employment status.

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Starbucks could have handled this situation much better to avoid the public backlash and legal consequences it faced. contexto


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