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Coming Out Conservative with Andrew Crapuchettes

Notes from the Producer

How do you come out conservative? In today's show, Founder and CEO Andrew Crapuchettes answers that question. Andrew shares his inspiring story about being an openly conservative CEO of a successful tech company. He shares what happened when his board pressured him to be less vocal about his beliefs.

Andrew talks with RedBalloon team member Aaron Youngren about his experiences at corporations like Amazon and GE Health. They also cover news stories of pro-freedom employees across the country who are standing up for their right to openly speak about their values in the workplace. Andrew Talks About

Katie's Favorite Quotes

“You want diversity? Diversity is not skin-deep - diversity is an opportunity for people with different opinions to be able to voice them.”

"You can be as free as you want as a liberal, and it will have very little impact on your career and on your company whereas if you have conservative values - if you support a Texas heartbeat bill for instance - it might cost you your job."

"When I talk about coming out conservative, it really is coming out for free speech, being in a position where you can speak your mind, and you can live your values."

- Andrew Crapuchettes

"I realized if I was going to maintain my integrity, I was going to have to be a rule-breaker in the corporate workplace."

- Aaron Youngren

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Come out conservative this June!

What does that look like? Well, like Andrew said, be yourself in your conversations and don't be afraid to voice conservative ideas at work and beyond. Pro-freedom ideals are time-tested, constitutional, and common-sense ideals that your friends, neighbors, and co-workers need to hear!

Andrew reminds us at the end of this episode that “the more people stand up for their right to speak their minds freely, the less people will be penalized for speaking the truth.”

If we want to re-establish a culture of truth in America, we need to get back into the habit of speaking the truth. Flex your ‘speaking the truth’ muscles a little bit this week. It will be great for you – and it will encourage freedom-loving Americans around you to do the same!

In this Episode

Gavin de Becker & Associates

Thank you for thinking about these very important issues with us. Enjoy living and speaking your values this week!

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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