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Conservative Author in a Woke World with N. D. Wilson

Notes from the Producer

N. D. Wilson is the best-selling author of the “100 Cupboards” trilogy and the acclaimed “Ashtown Burials” series, which were both published by Random House. Nate shares his experiences in publishing back in the early days of cancel culture, and how he prepared for the woke wave that was coming.

Nate and Andrew talk about the practical benefits of ‘coming out conservative’ and how maintaining a commitment to his faith and conservative values actually protected Nate in his career. They share wisdom and inspiration for anyone wrestling with challenging decisions for their career, their family, and their legacy.

In this Episode

Nate Talks About

  • How he had the opportunity to win one of the most prestigious awards in literature – by denying his faith.

  • The independent publishing company and app that he has developed.

  • The liberal activists’ campaign to get Nate dropped from Random House and his bold response.

  • His refusal to pay off "sensitivity readers" and how J.K. Rowling saved him from a Twitter storm.

  • The importance of being open and honest about who you are – especially if you are conservative.

  • His son's bold stand for his rights at Columbia University and what happened to his conservative friends.

  • The need to identify your motivations and pick your fights strategically.

  • Leading and protecting your family from cultural assaults.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

“I learned very quickly that hiding stuff - being secretive about who you are in your faith is an enormous mistake.”

"Nobody ever won by trying not to lose - you always will do better if you are who you are and you're honest about who you are and you play from a position of strength and honesty."

"If you keep your faith in secret, if you keep your politics hidden in secret, then the persecution can be secret as well. The persecution, and the removals, the lack of promotion, the termination, all of that will be as secret as you were about your politics and your faith.”

"Wherever you are - calibrate."

– N.D. Wilson

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Don't play from your heels – if you are honest about who you are then you have a stronger position.

Step 2: Engage with culture - take a stand at work, school, church, and anywhere that freedom is being threatened.

Step 3: Be honest with yourself about your motivations for maintaining the status quo – in your job, your location, your kids’ education –

I really enjoyed this episode. The inside peek at the early days of cancel culture was fascinating, and the encouragement to fight where it matters was inspiring. I hope you take some time this week to evaluate your situation, motivations, and options for living your life with more freedom.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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