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Controversial job dashboards are helping the unvaccinated find work

Some people find the idea controversial since it goes against recommendations from health officials.

Joshua Vinson, WZZM Grand Rapids | October 6, 2021

And in the digital age where there is an app for everything, it's no surprise job boards for the unvaccinated are popping up.

Some people are complying and getting the COVID vaccine, while others are taking their talents elsewhere. Now, job boards like RedBalloon are being created to help those unvaccinated workers find jobs.

The CEO and Founder of RedBalloon, Andrew Crapuchettes, explained why he decided to create the job board.

"No matter what your opinions are, it would be nice if we could just focus on work in the workplace," said Crapuchettes. "So, I thought well, that combination of work understanding that there's a labor shortage coming and a lot of employees and really great employees just want to focus on work and not political correctness or vaccination status or anything like that. So, I thought I'd start a job board name, (and) dot work being the focus of getting work done and bringing value to your employer."

Some people find the idea controversial since it goes against recommendations from health officials. But Crapuchettes said his website is about freedom and not about anything else.

"I'm not encouraging anyone to break the law," said Crapuchettes. "I'm not encouraging anyone to be healthy. I'm not even trying to push on one side of the vaccine debate or the other because I think there's enough, let's call it, misinformation, on both sides of the debate for us to look at. But the reality is, we need to focus on freedom. We need to focus on the freedom that helped America be founded. So, I'm focused on freedom."

While these job boards are created for people looking for new jobs to go around vaccine mandates, public health officials say the fastest way out of this pandemic, from both a health and economic standpoint, is to get vaccinated.

It is worth mentioning at this time, there aren't any job postings on RedBalloon for jobs in West Michigan, but Crapuchettes says he hopes to expand his site across the nation.

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