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OTTAWA: The Story the Media WON'T Tell You

"We need to be talking about the rights and freedoms we’re supposed to have as citizens.”

Today we speak to Tabitha Ewert, who shares her eyewitness account of what's REALLY going on in downtown Ottawa as the Freedom Convoy makes its stand. When she isn’t listening to the honks from her desk, Tabitha is talking to freedom-lovers from all over Canada. She shares her first-hand insight into the remarkable community that has sprung up amid the convoy, and the deep desire they have to see their rights restored.

“I’ve always been concerned about the cost of what we’ve been doing – the cost of removing freedom.”

The truckers of the Freedom Convoy have inspired proponents of freedom all over the world. When millions of people are faithful in the little things, positive changes happen. Tabitha encourages us all to be faithful by “valuing the truth and having the courage to speak it.”

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