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The Crap Shoot #4: Get the Shot or Get Fired?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Millions of Americans must now get the vaccine or get fired. And, according to this recent LinkedIn poll, half of America isn’t too keen on it.

To help us understand the implications, independent journalist Tim Pool called the 311 line for New York City to find out if anyone in the city would be exempt from the Covid-19 vaccine.

The answer was an immediate and emphatic “no exceptions.” If you want to go into a building or restaurant or work for ANY company in the city, you must get the shot. This is very problematic on a number of levels, especially for those with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, or other immune disorders, since they are not even supposed to get the vaccine.

Americans want the old normal back...

Under the “new normal,” people with such conditions will be barred from working or entering spaces in New York City.

The mayor of a US city just banned people with poor immune systems from working in their job or going to the grocery store. What does this accomplish? How does this help? What country is this? Where’s the pushback? Here at RedBalloon, we think this is some 1930s-Germany-level stuff. Is it utter incompetence or utter wickedness or both? Worse yet, much of the business community appears to be going along with it.

Covid-19 vaccine mandates pose a very serious threat to our nation because people who disagree with them or can’t receive them due to medical conditions face losing their freedom. Never before in the history of our nation have we used draconian state and employer-led vaccine mandates to force workers to either inject themselves or lose a job.

How is this protecting America or Americans?

There is increasing evidence that the vaccine approach is not the right one. In this recent episode, Dr Zubin Damania (a University of San Francisco and Stanford trained internist) discusses how the vaccine isn’t preventing re-infection, and that the pandemic is quickly becoming endemic, which essentially means that this coronavirus is becoming the new seasonal cold.

The best way to fight seasonal coronaviruses is via your immune system and not a vaccine approach.

We also invite you to check out this article on Real Clear Science for more factual, data-driven information about the Covid-19 vaccine.

But wait, this isn’t a health blog, so back to the jobs discussion...

Cancelling the jobs of those who have concerns about the vaccine and blocking any sort of public debate is utterly un-American. The corporations, government officials, media, and tech elites who are blindly pushing this radical agenda are building an unrivaled level of mistrust across America.

At RedBalloon, we believe in the tradition of the American worker, and fully support your freedom to work while still holding on to your faith and values, no matter which side of the vaccine debate you are on.

In today’s tight labor market, we want to encourage all you workers who need to escape New York (or any other place that is taking away your freedom) to be looking for good companies with strong work cultures that want to hire dedicated employees, regardless of their healthcare choices.

Standing up, ramping up...

To help, we’re ramping up our operations to match hard-working employees to these responsible employers who truly value and respect their employees, regardless of vaccination status.

We live in a society where coercion should be illegal and good decision making should be celebrated. These principles have made us far more productive than any society and economy in history. It’s time to reaffirm our commitment to the freedom to work, the freedom to associate, the freedom of speech, and the freedom to make your own lifestyle and healthcare choices.

At RedBalloon, we are committed to this cause. We hope you will join us.

If you're a company that's willing to hire people regardless of their vaccination status, post a job today. If you're looking for a company that won't fire you for refusing an experimental vaccine, add your resume. RedBalloon will work hard to do the rest.

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