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Daily Red Alert - 9/27/22

Relevant Press

LinkedIn Ran Secret Experiments on 20 Million Users to Study Strength of Social Ties - Epoch Times

LinkedIn ran undisclosed social experiments on more than 20 million users for five years, testing the importance of weak associations or acquaintances in the process of positively affecting an individual’s job mobility.”

Poll: 71% of Workers Are Poorer Under Biden’s Inflation, up from February’s 58% - Breitbart

“The poll, revealed by CNN on Tuesday, sampled individuals in July who have 401(k) plans. Half of those sampled said they had taken measures to cope with Biden’s soaring prices in the last six months. Sixty-two percent said they are “stressed” about their personal finances despite being employees.”

Remote work drove more than 60% of home price surge during pandemic: Fed study - New York Post

“The Fed researchers noted that US home prices jumped by 24% from November 2019 to November 2021 – a period in which as many as 60% of employees were working from home as COVID-19 spread.”

Walmart to Cover Fertility Treatments Under Insurance Plan - NewsMax

“The nation's largest retailer and private employer said Tuesday it's partnering with New York-based Kindbody to offer benefits such as in vitro fertilization as well as fertility testing regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.”

NYC restaurant owner Nino Selimaj begs leaders to 'step in' to fix crime after being robbed at gunpoint - Fox Business

“FOX Business' Madison Alworth speaks with Nino's owner Nino Selimaj, who was robbed at gunpoint in his New York City restaurant.”

CPAC asks House Republicans for pledge not to meet with ‘woke’ corporations - Washington Times

“The Conservative Political Action Coalition is urging House Republicans to not meet with any corporations that have gone “woke” and have targeted the conservative movement.”

Breitbart Business Digest: Demand Is Falling in Texas But Labor Market Is Still Hot - Breitbart

“One of the great things about the manufacturing surveys conducted by the regional Federal Reserve banks is that they often include anonymized commentary from factory executives. And nowhere are the comments more engaging than those in the report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.”

RedBalloon in the News

U.S. Spending and Debt is Disastrous | 09.21.2022 - The Pro America Report

“What You Need to Know is U.S. spending and debt is disastrous. The government seems totally indifferent about the economic trouble they’re causing for its citizens. Their policies make Americans have to budget and tighten our belts, while we watch the federal government spend uncontrollably. Meanwhile, the economy keeps getting worse.

Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of pro-freedom job board, explains that the existing tight labor supply will drive more inflation in an already struggling economy. Andrew is calling conservatives to get a backbone and take responsibility to stand up for their rights in the workplace, and provides a RedBalloon Legal Release: New Report: The Employee Bill of Rights Check out the job board at and share with other conservatives.

Dr. Ted Malloch, author, lecturer, businessman, and contributor to American Greatness, discusses his recent commentary, The Numbers, Please, explaining good people are manipulated by false information, forcing Americans into divided realities.”

Mark Dolan Tonight | Saturday 24th September - Mark Dolan Tonight

Andrew Crapuchettes on at 30:00 – 47:00.

Andrew Crapuchettes on The Tim Jones and Chris Arps Show - The Tim Jones and Chris Arps Show

The Absolute Truth Interview With: Andrew Crapuchettes - RedBalloon Founder - The Absolute Truth

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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