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Daily Red Alert - 10/12/22

Relevant Press

Bidenflation: Producer Price Index Rises Faster Than Expected - Breitbart

“The producer price index, which tracks prices paid to U.S. businesses for the goods and services they produce, rose 0.4 percent in September, the Department of Labor said. That was twice the monthly gain expected by forecasters.”

‘¡Fuera!’ Angry Residents Demand Resignations at L.A. City Council over Racism - Breitbart

“Angry residents demanded Tuesday that three Los Angeles City Council members resign over recorded racist comments, disrupting a meeting in which council member Mike Bonin gave an emotional speech defending his son, who was targeted in the conversation.”

Warner Bros. Discovery Pulls the Plug on Television Workshop Focusing on Diversity - Breitbart

“Executives have shut down the Warner Bros. Television Workshop, which sought out and nurtured diverse talent among TV writers and directors who then moved on to create or work on new TV series. Among the shows that reportedly benefited from workshop talent was the woke HBO flop Lovecraft Country, which was canceled last year after just one season.”

Report: US banks increase proportion of cash they're giving to Democrat candidates - Blaze Media

“The midterm elections, wherein the Republicans reportedly have a 70% chance of winning the House, are less than a month away. While still exerting a significant amount of monetary influence over the races, American commercial banks have reportedly adjusted their political giving strategies.”

Businesses Bow to Outrage, Reverse Course on Drag Shows for Children - The Epoch Times

“For unspecified reasons, Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Big Chill and Grill restaurant and bar has backed down. It will ban children from its Drag Queen Bingo nights. It’s one of several businesses nationwide to scale back on offering what some argue is age-inappropriate content and services for children.”

Despite Initial Pullback, PayPal Will Continue to Fine Users for ‘Intolerance’ and ‘Hate’ - Epoch Times

“In September, PayPal announced that it was amending its AUP, which is scheduled to come into effect in November. The policy stated that PayPal users cannot send, post, or publish any content that the company deems harmful, including promoting ‘misinformation.’ For each violation, the company said it will take out $2,500 from the violator’s PayPal account. The update attracted immense criticism, and many people announced intentions to close their PayPal accounts.”

US companies staff up for holiday rush, hire seasonal workers - Fox Business

“Companies including UPS plan to hire over 100,000 employees at distribution centers across the country. The shipping giant now uses what it's called a ‘digital first’ application process in which job offers could be extended in as little as 25 minutes, often without interviews.”

Global wealth to decline more than 2% in 2022, new report says - Axios

“Global wealth is on course to decline more than 2% in 2022, marking its first significant decrease since the 2008 financial crisis, according to a new report published by Allianz on Wednesday.”

RedBalloon in the News

Making America's Workplace Woke-Free - Focus Today

“Andrew Crapuchettes, founder and CEO of RedBalloon, discusses how we can make America’s workplace woke-free.”

Woke HR "diversity, equity, and inclusion" policies - killing the workplace - The Tom Roten Morning Show

“Isaac Lopez with RedBalloon - connects like-minded businesses and Americans who seek the freedom to work without the fear of discrimination against personal beliefs, infringement on constitutional rights, or invasion of medical privacy.”

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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