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Daily Red Alert - 10/26/22

Relevant Press

Judge in NYC Declares Vaccine Mandates Unconstitutional, Says Shots Don’t Prevent Infection or Spread - The Epoch Times

“A state Supreme Court ruling in Richmond County, New York, has declared that the vaccine mandates were unconstitutional and in violation of the separation of powers. The determination includes all public workers in the city, including in the police and fire departments. The decision gives legal grounding for additional lawsuits throughout the country, and could impact attempts at future vaccine mandates.”

Harvard Economist: Dem Spending Helped Cause Inflation, Fed ‘Didn’t Want to Get in the Way’ of Biden, Likely We’ll Have ‘Deep Recession’ - Breitbart

“Rogoff responded to claims by Democrats that they’re the fiscally responsible party by stating, ‘I don’t want to draw a broad generalization, but there’s no question that, after the pandemic, they spent too much too late, and it’s one of the reasons — it’s not the only reason — that we have so much inflation.’”

NYC hot spots cutting hours as crime, staff shortages eat away at business - New York Post

“Last month, top chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten made a splash opening six restaurants and six fast-casual spots inside the landmarked Tin Building at the South Street Seaport. But the building and its restaurants are only open four days a week, from noon until 9 pm.”

US Chamber of Commerce Warns of Long-Term Economic Losses From Plunging Child Test Scores - Epoch Times

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce signaled the alarm after the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) recently revealed the grim performance of fourth- and eighth-grade American students in math and reading as test scores declined in the single largest drop since record keeping began in 1992.”

Levi’s Ex-Brand President Says ‘Woke Capitalism’ Driving Policies of Firms Wanting to ‘Profit Off Gen Z Activism’ - The Epoch Times

“‘Corporate leaders want us to believe that they are do-gooders, not money grubbers,’ she continued. ‘They’ll get rich, too, but they don’t want you to think that is their mission.’”

RedBalloon in the News

Andrew Crapuchettes on The Bryan McClain Show - 26 October 2022 - TNT Radio

“On today's show we discuss Woke human resources and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policies are rendering the modern workplace into an ideological killing field. Not battlefield – killing field. DEI is exterminating critical thinking, putting all workplace relationships in the hands of the most sensitive, the most aggrieved, and often the least innovative and capable members of the workforce, and it has already resulted in race-based mass layoffs.”

23 Niche Job Boards For Your Next Search - Build Remote

“The growing need for employers who choose to respect their employees’ freedom and who value good work over social justice.”

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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