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Daily Red Alert - 11/3/22

Relevant Press

Executives Find They’re Ill-Equipped to Stem Worker Polarization - Bloomberg

“A survey published last month by nonprofit Catalyst found that almost a third of employees are considering leaving their jobs because of how their employers responded to the US Supreme Court decision that overturned the federal right to an abortion.”

CEOs focused on stakeholder capitalism take umbrage at ‘woke CEO’ label and say it’s just good business - Fortune

“That so-called stakeholder capitalism they advocate is simply corporations focusing on doing well by doing good and was the subject of a panel at Fortune’s CEO Initiative summit in Palm Beach, Fla., on Wednesday.”

Productivity Rises For First Time in 2022 But Lags Behind Expectations - Breitbart

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics said Thursday that productivity rose at a 0.3 percent annual rate in the quarter covering July through September. Compared with a year ago, however, productivity is still down 1.4 percent. That’s an improvement from the 2.1 percent 12-month drop recorded in the second quarter.”

Elon Musk to lay off half of Twitter’s staff, enforce return-to-office policy: report - New York Post

“Musk, who purchased Twitter for $44 billion, has decided to inform half of the company’s staff that their last day on the job is Friday, according to Bloomberg.”

Forget 'quiet quitting': Now workers are stressing out colleagues with 'quiet constraint' - Fox Business

“Bhuta said 58% of employees have admitted holding on to knowledge or information that could benefit their co-workers — yet they haven’t shared the info with them, according to a Workplace Culture Report compiled by Kahoot!”

RedBalloon in the News

October 26, 2022 - Andrew Crapuchettes - The Bryan McClain Show

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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