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Daily Red Alert - 6/13/22

Relevant Press

Google Places Engineer Who Called Marsha Blackburn a ‘Terrorist’ on Leave – for Claiming AI Has Become Sentient - Breitbart

“Google has suspended an engineer and ‘AI ethicist’ who claimed that one of the company’s AI programs he worked with, LaMDA, has become a sentient ‘person.’ Engineer Blake Lemoine has become notorious as a politically outspoken employee of the woke Silicon Valley giant, infamously calling Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) a ‘terrorist.’”

Mayor Adams says he’s not worried about cops leaving NYPD in record numbers - New York Post

“Hizzoner’s comments come after The Post exclusively reported Saturday that over 1,500 officers have either resigned or retired in 2022 – a rate that represents the largest exodus of officers since the statistics have been available.”

FTC faces staff exodus, anger over Biden-appointed Big Tech foe’s leadership - New York Post

“Yet sources close to the agency, which has a mandate to enforce antitrust law and protect consumers, say that academic brilliance doesn’t necessarily translate into management ability — and that its 33-year-old leader’s inexperience has longtime staffers at the 1,100-person agency heading for the exits.”

Coinbase CEO urges unhappy workers to quit, slams ‘dumb’ petition - New York Post

“The petition pointed to several alleged missteps at Coinbase under current executive leadership, including which it described as the ‘failure of the Coinbase NFT platform,’ ‘unsustainable’ hiring practices and a ‘generally apathetic and sometimes condescending attitude’ for the three executives it referenced.”

Judge Sides With Home Depot Against Workers Wearing BLM Clothes - NewsMax

“A federal judge last week ruled that Home Depot does not have to allow employees to wear apparel displaying the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter,’ after a former employee filed a complaint against the company, the New York Post reports.”

Companies told their push for diversity 'does more harm than good' in new study - Express UK

“Over the past few years, many firms have made statements where they claim that being diverse will help boost the company’s profits, in an effort to sound ‘woke’. However, researchers from London Business School and Yale School of Management have found that such ‘business case’ justifications for diversity often backfire on employers, making candidates feel judged based on their identity.”

RedBalloon in the News

If Roe v. Wade is overturned: How politics impacts business - American Thinker

“According to a 2020 Gallup poll, nearly one in four Americans considers abortion a key voting issue. Given this commitment to abortion ‘rights’ or abortion restrictions, the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade, and the lesser known Planned Parenthood v. Casey, could dramatically impact business, particularly through the labor market.”

Andrew Crapuchettes Joins the Bill Meyer Podcast - Bill Meyer Show

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