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Daily Red Alert - 7/13/22

Relevant Press

Real Wages Fall Again as Bidenflation Beats Earnings - Breitbart

“Despite many workers in the U.S. seeing larger paychecks, they are seeing their finances squeezed by high prices because inflation is still outpacing wage gains.”

Fired Disney workers sue company over alleged religious discrimination - New York Post

“Three Walt Disney World workers who were fired because they refused to wear face masks or get the COVID-19 vaccine due to religious reasons slapped the Florida theme park with a lawsuit.”

Starbucks to Close 16 Stores Due to Safety Concerns - NewsMax

“Starbucks announced that it will close 16 stores by the end of the month in the United States, including six each in the Seattle and Los Angeles areas, after workers reported a sharp rise in incidents of drug use on the premises.”

Christian Funds in Quandary After Companies Support Abortion Rights - Bloomberg

“But it also left these anti-abortion investors in a bind. Many of the blue-chip company stocks they hold, including Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc., have announced they will cover travel costs for employees in states where abortion is banned.”

‘Ben & Jerry’s tendencies’ of woke businesses attacked by Kemi Badenoch - Telegraph

“Kemi Badenoch, the Tory leadership candidate, has hit out at Ben & Jerry’s owner Unilever in an attack on companies that focus on “social justice” at the expense of profits.”

RedBalloon in the News

ICYMI: Experience, Education, Vaccination: The New Qualifications for Job Seekers - New York Times

“We’re taking a stand against this mandatory vaccine trend,” Red Balloon’s founder, Andrew Crapuchettes, said in a YouTube video. “In today’s tight labor market, there are good companies with strong work cultures who want to hire dedicated employees regardless of their health care choices.”

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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