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Daily Red Alert - 7/20/22

Relevant Press

Eric Adams says NYC ‘may not have central business districts anymore’ as remote work persists - New York Post

“Mayor Eric Adams is softening his tone on in-person work, admitting Monday that the Big Apple “may not have central business districts anymore” as white collar workers increasingly embrace working from home.”

Netflix loses nearly 1M subscribers, forecasts return to growth - New York Post

“Netflix lost nearly 1 million subscribers in the most recent quarter — the latest evidence that the streaming giant is getting picked apart by rivals and is running out of room for growth overseas.”

Red States Top CNBC Ranking for ‘Business-Friendliness’ - Epoch Times

“A recent ranking of states according to “business friendliness” has deemed Republican-leaning “red states” as the highest in terms of favorability to free enterprise.”

Corporate America's DEI agenda: Fortune 100 companies adopt 'diversity, equity and inclusion' regime - Fox Business

“I have surveyed the programming of every Fortune 100 company and have confirmed that all of them have now adopted so-called DEI programs. These initiatives are no longer limited to high-technology firms in the coastal enclaves; they have spread to traditionally conservative sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, insurance, and oil and gas.”

RedBalloon in the News

Fighting Woke Corruption & Resisting Hush Money with Nick Williams - The Courageous Economy

“It took courage for Nick Williams to turn down multiple six figures of hush money to speak out against American Express. He joins Andrew today to share how he went from being the #1 sales performer in the company, to being fired. He gives Andrew inside information about Amex’s purge of white males, and the legal shenanigans they used to justify their actions.”

Veronica LIVE Show#20 RedBalloon Work CEO Andrew Crapuchettes, Colonel Matt Bradley, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Fingall - Veronica Live

“RedBalloon CEO and Founder Andrew Crapuchettes joined Veronica LIVE to discuss his free speech job site that puts conservative employers together with conservative job seekers.”

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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