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Daily Red Alert - 7/21/22

Relevant Press

75% of Middle Class Americans Say Their Income Is Falling Behind Cost of Living - Breitbart

“Seventy-five percent of Americans with incomes between $30,000 and $100,000 say their income is falling behind inflation, according to a survey by Georgia-based financial services company Primerica.”

Study: Big Tech Heavily Engaged in Censoring Conservatives - NewsMax

“According to the study, users were affected by secondhand censorship more than 140 million times in the first quarter of this year. That was the result of direct censorship of individuals and organizations at least 4,000 times.”

Dave Chappelle show canceled by ‘woke’ theater, changes venue at last minute - New York Post

“Just hours ahead of the controversial, 48-year-old funnyman’s set, the First Avenue concert venue in Minneapolis announced that the show would be moved to Varsity Theater — also in the city — where Chappelle is also scheduled to perform on Thursday and Friday.”

Disney fans outraged after ‘fairy godmother’ ditched for gender-neutral titles - New York Post

“Disney said it is ditching “fairy godmothers” for more inclusive, gender-neutral titles at dress-up boutiques inside its theme parks — and some fans are less than enchanted with the news.”

RedBalloon in the News

Andrew Crapuchettes on Deprogram with Michael Parker - 20 July 2022 - Deprogram with Michael Parker

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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