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Daily Red Alert - 8/25/22

Relevant Press

Billboards in San Francisco and Los Angeles warn against moving to Texas by invoking mass shooting - New York Post

“Mysterious new billboards are warning California residents not to move to Texas, as record numbers of residents flee the soft-on-crime Golden State for better quality of life in red states.”

Texas Targets 10 Financial Companies, 340+ Funds Over ESG-Driven Fossil Fuel Divestment - Epoch Times

Texas on Aug. 24 released a list of ten financial companies and almost 350 funds said to be boycotting energy firms involved in fossil fuels, marking another advance in the war between individual U.S. states and the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) movement.”

Citigroup to Cease Russian Consumer, Commercial Business - NewsMax

“Wall Street giant Citigroup Inc. will close its consumer and commercial banking businesses in Russia starting this quarter and expects to incur about $170 million in charges over the next 18 months as a result, the company said on Thursday.”

Unvaccinated Novak Djokovic withdraws from US Open as he can't travel to United States - ESPN

Novak Djokovic, the 21-time major champion and former world No. 1, has withdrawn from the US Open due to travel restrictions into the United States as a result of being unvaccinated against COVID-19.”

Woke Corporate Shows Contempt For Women By Subsidizing Abortions And Cutting Maternity Leave - The Federalist

“Two months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade and dozens of woke U.S. companies including the Walt Disney Company pledged to subsidize out-of-state abortions for their female employees, Disney subsidiary Hulu quietly cut back its maternity and paternity leave from 20 weeks to eight.”

RedBalloon in the News

Andrew Crapuchettes on the Bill Martinez Show - The Bill Martinez Show

Dee McLaughlan & Andrew Crapuchettes on The Mike Ryan Show - 24 August 2022 - TNT Radio

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The Schaftlein Report | Andrew Crapuchettes & Mark Schaftlein - USSA News

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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