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Daily Red Alert - 8/29/22

Relevant Press

Inflation in the U.S. Driven by Consumer Demand, Study Finds - Breitbart

“These have all been offered as explanations for the very high inflation that has gripped the country since last year. A new study from researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the University of Maryland, and Harvard University finds that the biggest driver has been something far simpler: excessive consumer demand.”

Some businesses in Twin Cities forced to shut early, concerned over rise in crime - Fox Business

“Business owners in the Twin Cities are split on crime’s impact. Some say it’s ‘overblown’ and business is ‘thriving,’ while others say that fewer people want to go out to eat over fears of crime. Either way, the restaurant scene isn’t what it used to be pre-pandemic.”

Desperate for recruits, the Army introduces remedial program for those who couldn't previously qualify - The Blaze

“Faced with a shallow talent pool and short of its recruitment goals for the year, the Army introduced a remedial program earlier this month to bolster previously ineligible recruits' physical or academic capabilities. The aim of the program is to help recruits who meet all other qualifications for enlistment to advance to basic training and thereby close some of the gap in the military's recruitment figures.”

Biden Recession: NBC May Cut 33% of Primetime Programming to Save Money - Breitbart

“Under the plan being discussed, NBC would halt its primetime programing at 10 p.m. eastern (9 p.m. central) and hand that following hour each evening over to affiliates to air whatever programing they want, according to the Wall Street Journal.”

IRS to spend just 4% of $80B funding on customer service despite pledge to help taxpayers - New York Post

“Of the $80 billion windfall the IRS will rake in from the Inflation Reduction Act, just $3.2 billion — or 4% — will be spent on improving taxpayer service. In contrast, $46 billion — or 58% of the new money — will be devoted to enhancing ‘monitoring and compliance.’”

Second jobs and high inflation: Risks associated with working a side hustle - Fox Business

“More than 40% of adults across the U.S. reported having a side job in 2022 in order to get extra income to pay for everyday living expenses, up from 31% during pre-pandemic times, according to a recent Bankrate report.”

First Liberty Asks the Supreme Court to Consider a Postal Worker Forced to Quit His Job - First Liberty

“USPS refused to grant him a religious accommodation allowing him to observe the Sunday Sabbath. This is in direct violation of federal civil rights law that protects religious accommodation in the workplace.”

Woke Corporations' Abortion Policies are an Insult to Women | Opinion - Newsweek

“What I'm watching happen in human resource departments of American corporations right now is certainly not in the interests of working women. It is political activism disguised as corporate policy, and it ought to insult every working woman, whomever they vote for.”

RedBalloon in the News

Student loan 'forgiveness' on American Radio Journal - Lincoln Institute

“This week on American Radio Journal: Lowman Henry talks with Andrew Crapuchettes of about the death of big city downtowns.”

Dee McLaughlan & Andrew Crapuchettes on The Mike Ryan Show - TNT Radio

Andrew Crapuchettes of RedBalloon, Zuckerberg on Rogan Pod Audio and more - IHeart Radio

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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