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Daily Red Alert - 8/30/22

Relevant Press

Job Openings Explode Higher, Raising Inflation Alarms - Breitbart

“Economists had been expecting 10.4 million openings, which would have been a decline of nearly 300,000 from June. In addition to the much higher level in July, the June figure was revised up to 11 million from nearly 10.7 million, indicating that the job market remained hotter than thought in June.”

Exclusive: Citizens for Sanity Releases Advertisement Blasting ‘Woke Racism’ - Breitbart

The ad from Citizens for Sanity begins by noting, ‘President John F. Kennedy told us that citizens should enjoy the privileges of being an American without regard to race or color. But today, the radical woke left is injecting racism, bigotry, and discrimination throughout American life. A major airline now recruits pilots based on skin color, not flying ability.’”

Fed-up San Francisco businesses vow to stop paying taxes over homeless problem - New York Post

“The Castro Merchants Association, an umbrella group representing some local 125 businesses in the Castro District, wrote a letter to city officials earlier this month outlining their demands, according to SFGATE.”

Joe Rogan tells listeners to ‘vote Republican,’ bashes Dems’ COVID-19 ‘errors’ - New York Post

“The comedian slammed COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictive measures during a discussion with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers on an episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ released last Saturday.”

Woke Minneapolis school system ramps up discrimination - The Washington Times

“In fact, the school is simply implementing the practice of being anti-racist as put forward by author Ibram X. Kendi. In his bigoted New York Times best seller ‘How to Be an Anti-Racist’, Mr. Kendi wrote, ‘the remedy to past discrimination is current discrimination and the remedy to current discrimination is future discrimination.’”

RedBalloon in the News

ICYMI: Tired of woke politics, COVID vaccine mandates? There's a new job site for you - Fox Business

“Those are descriptions of workers who have reached out to Red Balloon, a new job board offering postings from companies promising their employees will be ‘free to work’ without the fear of losing their jobs due to medical dictates or political drama.”

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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