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Daily Red Alert - 9/7/22

Relevant Press

New York State Ending Mask Mandates on Transit - NewsMax

"‘Starting today masks will be optional,’ Hochul said at a press conference, citing recent revised guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In April, the Biden administration decided to no longer enforce a U.S. mask mandate on public transportation after a federal judge in Florida ruled the directive was unlawful. New York declined to adopt the Biden policy in April.”

Quiet Quitters Make Up Half the U.S. Workforce, Gallup Says - WSJ

“U.S. employee engagement, a measure of involvement in the workplace and enthusiasm about work, has dropped since 2021, coinciding with the rise in job resignations.”

Back-to-the-office moves leave tech uneasy - Axios

“A lot of CEOs are itching to get workers back to the office, but tech CEOs who want that face an extra uphill battle: After all, theirs is the industry that made remote work possible.”

Ex-Detroit fire commissioner says he was forced out over COVID vaccine. City disagrees - The Detroit News

“Eric Jones said he stepped down as Detroit's fire commissioner in January, ending a 32-year career in public safety, because Mayor Mike Duggan gave him a choice: Either take the COVID vaccine or get fired.”

Texas Judge Says HIV Drug Mandate Violates Religious Freedom - Bloomberg

“A federal judge in Texas ruled that a provision of the Affordable Care Act that mandates free coverage of groundbreaking drugs that prevent HIV infection violates the religious beliefs of a Christian-owned company.”

Inflation Causing Financial Angst for 56% of Americans - NewsMax

“Twelve percent say the adversity they are experiencing is severe, on par with the 10% in recent surveys. However, this jumps to 26% among households with annual income of less than $48,000 and falls to a mere 4% of upper-income Americans.”

UPS to Hire More than 100,000 Workers for the Holidays - NewsMax

“That's similar to the holiday seasons of 2021 and 2020. Holiday-season volumes usually start rising in October and remain high into January. The hiring plans come as online shopping has slowed after a pandemic-induced surge, but the figures are still well above pre-pandemic levels."

Why Target is dropping the mandatory retirement age for CEO Brian Cornell - New York Post

“‘In discussions about the company’s longer-term plans, it was important to us as a board to assure our stakeholders that Brian intends to stay in his role beyond the traditional retirement age of 65,’ said Monica Lozano, the lead independent director of Target’s board in a release on Wednesday.”

RedBalloon in the News

Episode 17: How to Make a Comeback from Being Canceled with Andrew Crapuchettes - Refining Rhetoric

“Ever wonder what it’s like to be “canceled?” Andrew Crapuchettes is the visionary behind RedBalloon, an organization that attempts to solve the cancel culture movement in the American workplace by connecting like-minded employers with employees seeking jobs where their religious and personal beliefs are accepted.”

The State of Liberty in Canada with Andrew DeBartolo - The Courageous Economy

“This week Andrew Crapuchettes talks to Andrew DeBartolo, a Canadian pastor representing Liberty Coalition Canada, a group of clergy, politicians, and business leaders that formed during Trudeau’s oppressive Covid-19 response.”

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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