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Daily Red Alert 6/22/22

Relevant Press

Fed's Powell in congressional hot seat over inflation blunder - Fox Business

“Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will be in the limelight this week as he heads to Capitol Hill for his semi-annual testimony on monetary policy, during which the central bank chief is expected to face tough questions from Democrats and Republicans alike as threats to the U.S. economy mount.”

Tech Firm Layoffs Surge in June, Increasing Recession Worries in US - NewsMax

“Ninety-five tech companies have already announced workforce layoffs in June — the highest monthly tally in that sector for 2022, according to data from Trueup — suggesting that the U.S. economy might soon be on the verge of a recession.”

Joe Biden to Announce Support for Three-Month Gas Tax Holiday - Breitbart

“President Joe Biden will use a planned speech Wednesday to call for Congress to suspend federal gas and diesel taxes for three months.”

“President Biden understands that a gas tax holiday alone will not, on its own, relieve the run-up in costs that we’ve seen,” the White House announced in a release.”

‘Problematic’ or a ‘positive step forward?': Sexualized Pride ads stir debate on LGBTQ marketing campaigns - NBC News

“Recently, amid a flurry of rainbow-accented commercials featuring same-sex couples embracing one another, food delivery service Postmates debuted its ad campaign for Pride Month, leaning into the aspect of gay sex.”

Chevron CEO fires back at Biden over threatening letter — then Biden insults him: 'He's mildly sensitive' - Blaze

Chevron sent Biden a letter Tuesday in response to one that Biden executives sent seven oil companies last week.”

“In Biden's letter, the president threatened to use "emergency authorities" if the companies do not comply with demands to increase production.”

“But according to Wirth, Chevron is producing more oil today than at any other point in company history, thus deflating the charge that oil companies are not working hard enough as gas prices remain at record highs. After outlining Chevron's production numbers and its investments, Wirth took aim at Biden.”

RedBalloon in the News

Being Laid Off and Starting My Own Business with Ryan Smeets Surviving A Woke Workplace with Andrew Crapuchettes - The Courageous Economy by RedBalloon

“Ryan Smeets was an executive at a successful advertising agency when his boss decided to close the business. Ryan decided that he would never be laid off again – and started his own business. Instead of using the traction he had gained in advertising, Ryan took an analytical approach to his career change by gauging various industries, exploring unique challenges, and finding opportunities for innovation."

"He ended up taking on one of the toughest problems in the multi-trillion-dollar healthcare industry, and now runs a successful recruitment company for nurses. Ryan shares his story, including his strategy for finding the perfect business idea and the steps that made it such a stunning success.”

What Does Top Gun Have To Do With The Workplace? - The Publius National Post

“The new Top Gun movie is proof that Americans don’t enjoy the woke worldview being jammed down their throat!”

A Supreme Situation 6-21-22 – The Buff Show

“The Supreme Situation. There is Roe vs Wade and many other important rulings coming down. We discuss it all. Gregory Wrightstone is back on the show to discuss Biden Inflation and how the green new deal is not a fix for America’s woes.”

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of stories that relate to the issues of freedom in the workplace, business, and the US economy.

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