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Daily RedAlert - 1/17/23

Relevant Press

NHL backtracks after Florida Gov. Ron Desantis' office blasts league for 'discriminatory' job fair - Fox News

“After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' office blasted the National Hockey League for hosting a ‘discriminatory’ job fair that only allows certain groups of people to attend, the league backtracked and said the event is open to all individuals over 18-years-old.”

Exclusive — Donald Trump Jr. Aims to Build Up ‘Parallel Economy’ of Conservative Companies Protecting Free Speech - Breitbart

“So there’s an entire emerging economy that’s developing around conservatives being set up around the left taking things too far around, woke corporate pushing crap that has nothing to do with the business, with what we’re consuming. People have had enough.”

Job-openings data are missing a recent upturn in layoffs, Goldman economist says - MarketWatch

“Abecasis says that based on December and January WARN notices from the seven big states, the layoff rate is around 1.1%, higher than the 0.9% layoff rate in the November JOLTS report. He adds the WARN notice data is consistent with recent survey results from the Conference Board.”

Firing Employees to Increase Diversity Is Perhaps Not the Best Plan… - Lexology

“Some may be frustrated at the slow pace of change, and may wish to pursue those goals more aggressively – but that (ironically) can result in violations of anti-discrimination laws, as I discussed in a prior blog post, Hey CEOs – Be Careful About Diversity Hiring Quotas.”

RedBalloon in the News

ICYMI: CRAPUCHETTES: Woke Is Bad For Work — That’s Why Many Are Quitting - Daily Caller

“In spite of high-profile layoffs at a handful of big-name companies, the labor market remains historically tight, as there are still approximately 1.7 job openings for every job seeker.”

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