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Daily RedAlert - 1/3/23

Relevant Press

Wave of Job-Switching Has Employers on a Training Treadmill - New York Times

“Economists say the wave of job-switching could be one factor in the weak productivity growth that the U.S. economy has experienced in recent years. Early on, some experts expected the pandemic to unleash productivity by forcing companies to embrace new technologies and ways of working. Instead, productivity has fallen slightly over the past two years.”

Trump-supporting billionaire Home Depot founder says ‘nobody works anymore’ because of ‘socialism’ and the ‘woke people [who] have taken over the world’ - Fortune

“Marcus is far from the first business leader to say perceived laziness in the U.S. and government handouts are the root causes behind the labor shortage.”

Small Businesses Find Some Relief From Hiring Woes - Wall Street Journal

“This fall, the Austin, Texas, company increased starting pay to $18 an hour from $15, and added a $1-an-hour raise after six months, aiming to put pay more in line with other local employers. ‘Right now, for the first time in a while, we are fully staffed,’ Ms. Booth said.”

Disney Lost $123 Billion in Market Value in 2022 as Shares Drop 44 Percent — Worst Year Since 1974 - Breitbart

“Disney’s abysmal 2022 represents its worst year since 1974 when the company’s stock dropped 54 percent, according to Dow Jones Market Data. For 2022, Disney’s stock was the second-worst performing among the 30 companies that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average, after, whose stock fell 48 percent.”

Months after telling Republicans to 'head down to Florida where you belong,' New York Governor Hochul says the state has to figure out how to stop people from leaving - The Blaze

“Many people over the last months and years have taken exactly this advice, fleeing New York's oppressive, anti-business climate and crime rates for the greener pastures of Florida and other states. According to the Census Bureau, New York had the highest population decline of any state in the union in 2022, while Florida had the highest rate of population growth.”

RedBalloon in the News

2023 Might Be the Year to Escape the Woke Workplace - PJ Media

“RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes keeps track of workplace trends to better serve his clients. Crapuchettes created RedBalloon to help employers in what he refers to as the ‘courageous economy.’”

Red Balloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes Introduces an Alternative to the 'Woke' Workforce at Amfest 2022 - RedState

“Andrew Crapuchettes shares his story about how he built a tech company from the ground up, and nurtured and grew it into a 50-million dollar leader in the industry. But because the Board of Directors decided that his conservative, Christian values did not suit the company, they fired him.”

A Conversation with Andrew Crapuchettes of Red Balloon at TPUSA's AmericaFest 2022 - RedState

“RedState's Jennifer Oliver O'Connell (@asthegirlturns) speaks with CEO Andrew Crapuchettes of Red Balloon, a job-seeking service that focuses on medical freedom and individual liberties with the companies who advertise on their site. Andrew discusses how Woke ideology is destroying the workforce, and how Red Balloon is working to bring back the joy of work with companies that are aligned with one's values.”

The Daily RedAlert is a collection of news stories that relate to business, the economy and freedom in the workplace. Are you looking for workplace freedom? Apply for work on!

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