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Daily RedAlert - 1/5/23

Relevant Press

Private Sector Hiring Surges to Blistering Pace in Defiance of Fed’s Efforts to Tame Inflation, ADP Report Shows - Breitbart

“Payroll processor ADP said that private sector employment grew by 235,000, above all estimates of analysts surveyed by Econoday. The median forecast was for 145,000.”

Amazon cutting 17,000 jobs — 7,000 more than planned: report - New York Post

“The e-commerce giant, helmed by CEO Andy Jassy, in November began laying off staff in its devices division, with the source telling Reuters at the time the company was targeting 10,000 job cuts.”

Kentucky Joins Growing Movement to Blacklist ESG Banks - The Epoch Times

“In compliance with a Kentucky law passed in March, State Treasurer Allison Ball yesterday released a list of banks that ‘are engaged in energy company boycotts.’ This list included Wall Street giants BlackRock, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, BNP Paribas, HSBC, and six other smaller banks.”

The Great Resignation isn't over yet: Where are all the workers? - Fox Business

"If everybody who was unemployed had a job, we'd still be 4 million workers short. And if you look at the job openings, they've down a little from that all-time high, but still very high," Flock explained on "Mornings with Maria."

Most businesses expect 2023 recession: JPMorgan survey - Fox Business

“Nearly two-thirds of small and midsize U.S. businesses expect the country will enter a recession in the year ahead, according to a new study that pointed to rising prices as a top concern for companies after months of battling persistently high inflation.”

RedBalloon in the News


“A press release from RedBalloon founder Andrew Crapuchettes states that across the country, thousands of Americans have reported work discrimination because of their privately held beliefs. Some have even lost their jobs due to pressure from left wing activist colleagues or politically correct employers.”

The Daily RedAlert is a collection of news stories that relate to business, the economy and freedom in the workplace. Are you looking for workplace freedom? Apply for work on!

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