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Daily RedAlert - 11/21/22

Relevant Press

Republican State Treasurers Plot Anti-ESG Strategy - Breitbart

“The Republican state treasurers last Monday launched a website, Our Money Our Values, along with a video explainer, hoping to educate Americans on the dangers of ESG policies. Multiple state treasurers explained to Breitbart News at the conference that ESG policies hurt each state differently.”

Report: Elon Musk Isn’t Done Slashing Twitter’s Workforce - Breitbart

“Bloomberg reports that employees in the sales and partnership division of Twitter may be terminated as soon as early this week, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Disney ousts Bob Chapek, brings back Bob Iger as CEO - New York Post

“The company said Chapek stepped down from his position and that Iger, who retired from Disney at the end of 2021, will serve as CEO for two years in an announcement Sunday night.”

Activists Looking to Gain More Power in Company Elections - The Epoch Times

“The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently finalized revisions to corporate director election rules by mandating that companies must provide shareholders voting through proxy a ‘universal ballot.’”

New Report: How Companies Are Faking Their DEI Strategy and Making It Worse for Workers - Inc.

“To uncover the real truth about DEI in the workplace, Lever, a talent acquisition suite, recently released its 2022 DEI Through the Recruiting Lifecycle Report. The report surveyed 1,000 employees and 500 employers across the U.S. to discover how DEI impacts the entire recruiting lifecycle from hiring through long-term employment.”

RedBalloon in the News

Woke Mandates Limit Hiring Opportunities - RedBalloon Blog

“According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 32 percent of employers still require COVID-19 vaccinations. Although this is down from 34 percent in 2021, this number continues to remain surprisingly high despite the ever-tightening labor market.”

ICYMI: CRAPUCHETTES: America Needs A Red Wave In The Workplace - Daily Caller

“The fact that the voting blocks of single women and Gen Z all swung hard left proves this point. To win back our country’s politics, we need to win where culture is made: Families, schools, and the workplace.”

11.12.22 Hour 3 | Guests Eric Robert, Paul Seegert, and Andrew Crapuchettes - Randy Tobler Show

The Daily Red Alert is a collection of news stories that relate to business, the economy and freedom in the workplace.

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