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Daily RedAlert - 11/22/22

Relevant Press

Don't like Musk? Work for Us! Tech Firms Woo Ex-Twitter Staff Read Newsmax: Don't like Musk? Work for Us! Tech Firms Woo Ex-Twitter Staff - NewsMax

“Spying opportunity, some companies are now trying to pick up experienced engineering talent by appealing to their disdain for the methods of the world's richest person.”

Tyson Foods Drops COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate - The Epoch Times

“Tyson, considered the largest American meat company by sales, lifted the mandate several weeks ago, one year after imposing it, according to a report Tyson filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week. The requirement ‘generally improved our ability to operate our business effectively in fiscal 2022,’ the report said.”

Elon Musk says Twitter purge is over, will start hiring again - Fox Business

Musk made the announcement during an all-hands meeting at Twitter, following weeks of terminations that left roughly two-thirds of Twitter's original 7,500 employees out of a job, the Verge reported Tuesday. Musk says the company is now looking to make hires in engineering and sales, the outlet reported”

Texas breaks all-time record for total jobs, leads nation in job growth - Fox Business

“The state also saw a 5.4% job growth rate from October 2021, through last month. In addition, Texas’ labor force participation rate, the percentage of all working age Texans employed or actively seeking employment, was also above the national average of 63.6%.”

Tripwire Games President John Gibson Steps Down After Being Denounced By Mainstream Video Game Industry For His Support Of Texas Heartbeat Act - Bounding Into Comics

“Tripwire Games president John Gibson, whose studio is home to such popular titles as Killing Floor and Maneater, has stepped down from his position after receiving a wave of backlash and criticism from his peers in the mainstream video game industry for his public support of the Texas Heartbeat Act.”

RedBalloon in the News

ICYMI: Woke Mandates Limit Hiring Opportunities - RedBalloon Blog

“According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 32 percent of employers still require COVID-19 vaccinations. Although this is down from 34 percent in 2021, this number continues to remain surprisingly high despite the ever-tightening labor market.”

The Daily RedAlert is a collection of news stories that relate to business, the economy and freedom in the workplace.

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