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Daily RedAlert - 12/12/22

Relevant Press

US worker productivity has tanked this year. What gives? - Fox Business

“U.S. labor productivity plunged first quarter in the largest decline since 1947, then dropped by the highest annual amount on record in the second according to the Bureau of Labor Statics. The third quarter data indicates year-over-year output saw three consecutive declines for the first time since 1982.”

ADP survey finds small businesses struggling with employee hiring, retention - ADP

“Reasons for hiring challenges range from where to find qualified individuals (57% of businesses with 1-49 employees and 50% of those with 50-499 employees) and candidates not wanting to work (49% and 53%) to candidates not showing up for interviews (37% and 54%), offering a competitive employment package (20% and 19%), and losing candidates to competitors (16% and 30%). A small percentage of employers (8% and 9%) also said not having a way to benchmark the effectiveness of the compensation packages they offer is an issue.”

Employers Are Waiving Interview Requirement Amid Tight Labor Markets - NewsMax

“United Parcel Service Inc. has been hiring without interviews for package handlers and seasonal drivers. Home Depot Inc. has sent job offers as quickly as 24 hours since the candidate applied, sometimes eliminating the interview process. Gap Inc. has dropped the interview process for some warehouse positions.”

In 2022 workers won the return-to-office battle with their bosses—at least for now - Fortune

“At the start of 2022, office occupancy stood at just over 23%, according to Kastle Systems, a security company that tracks patterns in employee key-card entry systems. That jumped to 43% office occupancy by the first week of April, where it roughly remained through much of the spring and summer.”

Workers around the world say this is the best U.S. city for expats - CNBC

“The South Florida beach and nightlife destination ranks 12th out of 50 global cities as being a top place for expats to live and work abroad, according to a survey of more than 12,000 respondents from InterNations, an online expat community with more than 4.5 million global members.”

More Companies Are Focusing on ESG - ETF Education

“Some 90% of companies either have or are developing a formal strategy to manage corporate environmental, social, and governance practices, according to a Morningstar Sustainalytics survey of 556 corporate social responsibility and sustainability professionals,” wrote Morningstar analyst Allie McCallion.”

RedBalloon in the News

ICYMI: Over 2,000 Employers Sign Anti-Woke Pledge to Not Discriminate Against Personal Beliefs, Free Speech of Workers - The Epoch Times

“RedBalloon, a conservative-leaning job services company, has taken the lead in promoting an employee bill of rights to protect employees from woke ideology in the workplace. The company hosts a job board that connects like-minded employees to companies across the country, with a shared focus on productivity and innovation versus having the ‘correct’ ideology of the moment.”

The Daily RedAlert is a collection of news stories that relate to business, the economy and freedom in the workplace. Are you looking for workplace freedom? Apply for work on!

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