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Daily RedAlert - 12/9/22

Relevant Press

Diversity is Big Business - The American Conservative

“The market for Diversity and Inclusion was estimated to be $7.5 billion in 2020, according to a report from GlobeNewswire earlier this year, and was projected to reach $15.4 billion by 2026.”

Execs aren't convinced ESG investments deliver profits. The skepticism might undercut sustainability budgets. - Business Insider

“Companies are slightly more motivated by how sustainability can improve their reputations than their bottom lines, found a July-to-September online survey of more than 2,500 leaders involved in ESG efforts at large companies across the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, and China.”

Arizona Treasurer Divests from BlackRock over Political Activism, ESG Advocacy - Breitbart

“ ‘At the beginning of this year, I led in the national divestment effort to remove any exposure we had with BlackRock,’ Yee said. She noted that her office ‘divested more than $543 million from BlackRock money market funds and reduced our direct exposure to BlackRock by 97% this year.’”

US states raising minimum wage, with four above $15 - Fox Business

“Multiple states are raising their minimum hourly wages next month, with four boosting the minimum hourly rate to $15 or above at the start of the year: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Washington, according to FOX TV Digital.”

RedBalloon in the News

Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Should List Remote Positions in 2023 - RedBalloon Blog

“Remote work will continue to be a workforce trend heading into 2023. A McKinsey study released in the first quarter of 2022 showed that eighty-seven percent of American workers chose remote work when they had the opportunity.”

ICYMI: Ringside Politics - December 8, 2022 - Ringside Politics

“Andrew Crapuchettes, Founder and CEO of joins Jeff Cruere.”

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