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Daily RedAlert - 2/2/23

Relevant Press

Private payroll growth slowed to 106,000 in January as weather hit hiring, ADP says - CNBC

“Private companies added just 106,000 new workers for January, down from an upwardly revised 253,000 the month before and well below the 190,000 Dow Jones estimate.”

Happy Workers, Happy Customers - ATD

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated both remote and hybrid work environments, 69 percent of the 300 SMB owners and leaders believe employees' job satisfaction has increased.”

Workers who remain after job cuts feel "layoff survivor guilt" - CBS News

“Laid-off workers face practical challenges, such as staying financially afloat and securing new employment, as well as the psychological blow of feeling rejected. Yet those who remain after their coworkers are dismissed can also struggle from what workplace psychologists call "survivor layoff guilt."”

Top Reasons Why Many Are Leaving New York State at 'Alarming' Rates - Hudson Valley Post

“23.04% of movers say a new job was a top reason to move. The pandemic not only change how we work from home but also inspired many to improve their employment situation.”

Amazon Reports Almost No Profit and Slowing Growth - New York Times

“The company reported $149.2 billion in sales in the three months ending in December, which included the vital holiday shopping season, up 9 percent from a year earlier.”

The Bosses Are Back in Charge - WSJ

“CEOs are reasserting their authority now that workers are starting to worry about job security amid rising layoffs; ‘this whole concept of working from anywhere went too far.’”

RedBalloon in the News

US return-to-office rate rises above 50% for first time since pandemic began - Fox Business

“Founder and CEO of Red Balloon Andrew Crapuchettes discusses an Upwork study that shows 22% of people expect to work remotely by the year 2025 on ‘Varney & Co.’”

Another week, another 'Wave' - LinkedIn News

“We've got this kind of interesting tug of war that's happening right now between workers and the employers," said RedBalloon CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes.”

Freedom in the Workplace ft. CEO & Founder of RedBalloon, Andrew Crapuchettes - The Dispatch

“On this episode of Liberty Dispatch, Matty and Andrew talk about the power of freedom in the workforce and the need to start a parallel, freedom-loving economy with the CEO and Founder of RedBalloon, Andrew Crapuchettes.”

The Daily RedAlert is a collection of news stories that relate to business, the economy and freedom in the workplace. Are you looking for workplace freedom? Apply for work on!

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