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FEI Preview: 60% of Employers are Actively Hiring

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics readies to release its monthly "Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey" (JOLTS), a new report is coming to the workforce - the Freedom Economy Index (FEI). This first-of-its-kind survey offers a unique perspective into the trends of employers’ business and economic sentiment within the Freedom Economy. The groundbreaking report is to be released on Thursday, August 3.

In a joint effort by PublicSq. and RedBalloon, the Freedom Economy Index provides valuable insights into the current job market within this thriving sector. The FEI serves as a signal that there continues to be demand for talent amidst economic challenges and uncertainties. A preview of the FEI shows that over 60% of employers with 10+ employees are actively seeking new talent.

RedBalloon CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes, said, "Freedom economy businesses are hiring; we see that every day at RedBalloon. The upcoming index demonstrates their dedication to driving economic growth and creating opportunities for American workers."

Stay tuned for the release of the FEI on Thursday, August 3rd and the insights it will yield on this thriving sector.

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