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Fighting NY School Corruption with Cindy Grosz

Notes from the producer

Award-winning teacher Cindy Grosz has been fighting corruption in schools for decades. Cindy tells Andrew about her experience in New York schools - how progressive democrats have colluded with teachers' unions to deliberately fail students, hide weapons, ignore mental health and other mandated services, and mismanage money.

She shares inside information about the blatant corruption she faced when she decided to stand up and challenge the system. Cindy also gives her prediction for public education if democrats lose even more ground after November.

Cindy Talks About

  • The problems she saw in the school system throughout her decades as a teacher: violence and bullying from students, and lack of responsibility from the administration.

  • The final straw that prompted Cindy to file a lawsuit.

  • The tactics used against her: perjury, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice.

  • Donald Trump's ideas on eliminating or downsizing the Department of Education, and the potential for that idea to gain traction if control of the House and Senate shift.

  • The outdated academic schedule that was designed to accommodate farming families, not the average modern family.

  • The easier, cheaper educational possibilities that pose a challenge to the public education system.

  • The broken evaluation system in which teacher's unions and school administrators hide information so they can keep getting more money.

  • The retaliation that Cindy experienced after launching her lawsuit to expose corruption.

  • How public education uses the money of every American, even those who don't have a child in the system. Also, how every American can be a part of solving the problem that is public education.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

"The idea of reinventing our education system is something very good - there are cheaper more effective ways to get an education."

"Education is a non-partisan issue that needs bipartisan support and if you join together and talk common sense - conservatives will win. Because common-sense democrats want quality education."

-Cindy Grosz

In this Episode

The Cindy Grosz Show (Apple)

The Cindy Grosz Show (iHeart)

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Educate yourself about what’s happening with your tax dollars and consider doing something! You can listen to Cindy's show or read Cindy’s book Rubber Room Romance to learn more about what is going on in the schools that YOU are paying for.

Step 2: Follow Cindy’s Lawsuit and encourage her in the fight for quality and accountability in education.

Thanks for jumping into Cindy’s story with me. I hope you have a courageous week, and I hope you join us next Wednesday for another story about a proud American who is standing strong for freedom.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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