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For Master’s Touch Woodworking, RedBalloon Provided the Perfect Finish

Updated: Jun 22

When Isaac Wright started a cabinet-making business, he only had a few tools that he had inherited from his grandfather.

But, over the next few years his business, Master’s Touch Woodworking, quickly became profitable. After the pandemic, demand grew to be so great that he had to work long hours just to keep up with demand.

Isaac experienced the typical hiring struggles of a small business owner. He advertised everywhere, from flyers in grocery stores to postings on job boards like Craigslist and Indeed. Isaac felt his job postings were getting drowned out by competition, and he wasn’t getting the quality candidates he needed to make his business grow.

When he turned to RedBalloon for help, things improved dramatically.

Isaac found a perfect fit–on the opposite side of the country. But this individual was committed to relocating, and so after a round of interviews, Isaac found his highly-skilled, values-aligned talent.

“He fit right in before he even knew us!” said Kadey Wright, the office manager at Master’s Touch, “He was looking for a certain culture and so were we. And without RedBalloon, we would have never reached him.”

“I have the names of all the RedBalloon employees who I’ve been in contact with because they reach out and form a relationship,” continued Kadey. “Where other companies make you navigate to find the answers you need, RedBalloon employees help you right away with any questions you have.”

Good hiring starts with shared values. And, sometimes the right person is a few states over. Use to skip sorting through thousands of resumes. Post your job where it will be noticed by the right people, and find those hires today.

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