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Freedom to WORK: New Jobs Board Has Opportunities for Skilled People Who Want To Work

Updated: Mar 16

Stacy Washington, SiriusXM Patriot | October 14, 2021

Andrew Crapuchettes is a serial entrepreneur who saw a need and filled it with his job board Red Balloon. Tune in to hear how you can utilize it to find talent or share it with job seekers you know!

Andrew is the visionary behind RedBalloon. Mr. Crapuchettes has worked in the high-tech industry for over twenty years. He began his career in Silicon Valley, building business process automation and selling 3D modeling software. In 2001, Mr. Crapuchettes became a founding member and later CEO of Emsi, which he transformed from a little-known consulting company of three employees to an international economic data firm with over 250 employees worldwide.

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