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From Homeless to Six Figures and Beyond with Dana Dunmyer

Notes from the Producer

Dana Dunmyer comes on the show to talk about his journey through a career change, homelessness, and subsequent success in technology. As a pastor, philanthropist, and the head of multiple tech companies with hundreds of employees, Dana has had many opportunities to show courage.

In this episode, he shares what it is like to persevere through lengthy legal wars, take a stand against a bullying Fortune 500 company, and even resist robbery at gunpoint.

A serial entrepreneur himself, Dana launched the TQI Angel Fund and Business Development Program for entrepreneurs. He aggressively promotes new business creation and believes there is a bright future for American innovation. This is an exciting interview that you won’t want to miss.

Dana Talks About

  • The dramatic career change that led to homelessness.

  • Starting over in technology during the dotcom days.

  • How he grew his technology development firm from a one-man operation into a company of over 300 employees in just 3 years, and then did it again.

  • How he was held up at gunpoint and overcame his assailant.

  • His billionaire-backed tech project that will protect against cancel culture in the US, Syria, Russia, China, Iraq, and beyond.

  • How a hand-up beats a handout anytime, and how TQI's angel fund is bringing great business ideas to life.

Katie’s Favorite Quote "Take courage – it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have fear – it just means that we need to face it and move forward.”

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Take heart! As Andrew points out at the end of this episode - there are powerful people out there - and they're not all on the left. You are not alone. There are many advocates for freedom out there who 100% are on your side.

In this Episode

TQI Solutions

I was thoroughly encouraged and thoroughly inspired by Dana’s story, and by learning about his extensive and effective methods for making a positive impact on freedom in our country and others. He not only has extensive business ventures in the states, but his Beracha Fund has come alongside non-profits, ministries, and small to mid-sized businesses in 110 countries over the last few decades.

However, you don’t have to have millions of dollars or international influence to take a stand for freedom. Keep up the good work - wherever you are.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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