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Having Courage as a Jewish Business Leader with Joel Wolh

Notes from the Producer

Joel Wolh shares about how he went from being a ‘boring plastics salesman’ to a successful serial entrepreneur. Joel recently sold a top-performing Amazon Ads company and co-founded Bizfluence – an alternative to LinkedIn that focuses on work, productivity, and avoiding censorship and cancel culture.

Joel talks to Andrew about the personal change that transformed his career, his preference for Big Government over Big Tech, the need for moral grounding in times like these, and the tactics that the Jewish community has used to respond to government overreach.

Joel Talks About

  • His experience as a plastics salesman in Canada.

  • His work in product businesses that led to starting a successful Amazon ad agency.

  • How he came out of his shell as the head of his own agency, and how his authenticity cultivated trust with his clients and grew his business.

  • The sale of his ad agency and recent business ventures.

  • His social media posts that attracted millions of views per month, drawing attention to some of the BLM and Antifa horrors against the Jewish community.

  • How Joel is far more concerned about Big Tech than Big Government.

  • The soviet-era fears that are now part of daily life in America.

  • How his ability to do business was severely restricted when he was cancelled on LinkedIn.

  • The Jewish community's response to government overreach, inspired by none other than their forefather Jacob.

  • The Jewish education system and the remarkably successful young people that come out of it.

  • The powerful cultural shifts that happen when people are confident in who they are and what they stand for.

  • The Indie Tech Council and its mission to provide Americans with services that won't expose them to viewpoint discrimination.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

"I am more terrified by someone like Zuckerburg...than I am by someone like Joe Biden."

"In the Jewish world…that's the thing…you get married, and then you do stuff."

"Without prayer, we don't have a chance.”

-Joel Wohl

"You've got to know who you are and what you stand for."

-Andrew Crapuchettes

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Know who you are and what you stand for.

Step 2: Live your values in the workplace. Your authenticity can benefit your career, your emotional wellbeing, and your quality of life.

In this Episode

This interview touched on several topics that are relevant to the average American:

  • Your level of authenticity and your alignment with positive values can dramatically influence your career.

  • Your child’s education can influence whether they adopt your values or not.

  • We can all consider how to respond to our oppressive government. Because we will respond somehow – either with passivity, or with a willingness to exercise our rights in spite of the risks.

I have to admit, Joel’s insistence that he would take Big Government over Big Tech any day took me by surprise. Whether it is conscious or not, we all have a hierarchical framework for the various threats we perceive. Joel’s opinions not only made me more aware of my framework, but challenged it.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did, and I hope you join The Courageous Economy next week as we close out the month of August with a powerful episode. Until then, be brave for yourself, and be brave for someone else.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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