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Hiring Could Mean Interviewing Fully Vetted Candidates From the Start. Sound Too Good to be True? Here’s How MIG Beat the Corporate Recruiting System

The Media Intelligence Group (MIG) utilizes AI and machine learning to monitor and analyze real-time online conversations, aiming to inform and prevent the spread of false narratives.

Hiring Difficulties 

MIG as a company prioritizes freedom and reliability, and as a result struggled to find candidates aligning with these values in a hiring landscape where individual agendas often overshadow company values. 

Discovering RedBalloon  

Refusing to compromise on either skills or values for their next hire, MIG couldn’t settle for mainstream corporate Recruting methods. Then they heard of RedBalloon and RedBalloon’s mission to connect the community of good businesses with reliable, motivated job seekers who value freedom, hard work, and merit.  

Recognizing RedBalloon's alignment with their values, MIG partnered with the company, opting for RedBalloon’s reliable and cost-effective Recruiter Package. This package involved RedBalloon actively sourcing and screening a vast database to identify suitable candidates. 

Intelligence Analyst Position  

Seeking to fill the Intelligence Analyst role, MIG required a candidate proficient in data analysis, day-to-day operations, technical expertise, along with teamwork skills, self-motivation, and problem-solving abilities – qualities not guaranteed in the current workplace climate. 

The Recruitment Process  

RedBalloon initiated an eight-week process, evaluating 90 candidates, interviewing 14, and presenting MIG with eight candidates deemed not only technically but also culturally fitting. This resulted in MIG having more qualified candidates than they had available positions. 

Communication and Optimization  

Throughout the process, RedBalloon provided weekly reports, keeping MIG informed on candidate numbers and types. They also offered direct quotes from candidates regarding job market perceptions, optimizing MIG’s job post for better candidate quality. 

Success with RedBalloon  

MIG was over-the-moon with RedBalloon's Recruiter Package after they hired within a few weeks, with Tyler noting the package’s cost and time efficiency, robust network, and qualified candidates from diverse locations. The streamlined process eliminated the need for extensive self-conducted interviews. 


“I loved being able to hand over the entre hiring process to the RedBalloon team,” Tyler commented, “And in return, we recieved hard workers who believed in self-governance and in our mission.” 

Overall the Media Intelligence Group, initially struggling to find reliable and freedom-loving candidates, found success in RedBalloon's services, ultimately acquiring a surplus of qualified candidates. 


“Imagine a dozen or so fully vetted candidates,” said Tyler Houlton, Chief Intelligence Officer of the Media Intelligence Group. “That’s what we got from RedBalloon. Our only problem was where to put them all!” 


To read the full case study on how MIG’s beat the system through RedBalloon Recruiter click here

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