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Tired of bad hires? Todd Dexter Assoc. was too. Here’s how they threw out the playbook.

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Employers often are afraid to emphasize their values during the hiring process. But if they don’t make these values clear, it can have extreme consequences down the road. Andrew Dexter, CEO of Todd Dexter and Associates (TDA), previously worked at a similar nonprofit fundraising company that had a strong value system.

Unfortunately, the company deviated from its values and hired a CEO who didn't share those values, leading to an eventual collapse. A 50-year business that made a poor decision to bring in an employee who was not values-aligned caused them to be wiped out in just a couple of years.

TDA understood the significance of maintaining a values-aligned workplace, as their clients and their clients' customers also shared similar values. This alignment was deemed crucial from top to bottom. They knew they needed to hire right the first time - so they decided to throw out the playbook.

To ensure a values-aligned hire, TDA chose RedBalloon, a job board dedicated to connecting reliable job seekers and no-nonsense workplaces. They were looking for an Office Manager who was capable of shouldering considerable responsibility while also being able to adapt to different situations that may arise.

TDA opted for RedBalloon’s affordable Recruiter package to secure a high-quality candidate. RedBalloon's customer service team scoured their extensive database, including LinkedIn, in search of the ideal candidate.

After reviewing applications for TDA's position and assessing quality candidates, RedBalloon identified Monica as the perfect match in terms of skills and values. This was verified through a thorough review of her resume and a culture interview.

RedBalloon recommended Monica to TDA, and following an interview there, Monica was hired on as their new Office Manager. And both TDA and Moncia couldn’t have been happier.

“The hardest part of our job is hiring good people,” said Andrew Dexter, CEO of TDA, “So much of the work we do can be taught, but if our employee isn’t a cultural fit, then when issues arise they can’t meet our expectations and our company suffers. We’re so thankful to be able to find people like Monica who understand and align with our values.”

Monica continues to bless TDA today, just as they continue to bless her. “When your personal values align with the company values and culture,” Monica said, “it drives even greater productivity. A strong work ethic comes naturally because you take genuine joy in the work.”

RedBalloon excels at connecting employees who align with a company's culture and values. Explore today to discover your ideal hire. To learn more about TDA’s experience with RedBalloon Recruiter, download the full case report here.

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