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Hope for Your Career and America with Stacy Washington

Stacy Washington is a wife, mom, Emmy-nominated TV personality, and decorated U.S. Air Force Veteran. She joins Andrew to share how small, courageous steps took her everywhere from her local school board, to co-chair of a presidential coalition.

Stacy gives inspiring and pointed advice for anyone navigating their career, and offers an optimistic perspective on the recession that is at America’s doorstep.

Stacy Talks About

  • Her transition from Blue to Red as she left the Air Force and started her career and family.

  • Her disillusionment with public schools, her school board experience, and private education.

  • The unique opportunities that came to Stacy, and how important it is to step out in faith and grow.

  • Keeping a healthy perspective on your job, and your identity.

  • How the woke wave has backfired on companies, and how they are desperately trying to get back to solid ground.

  • The importance of taking action, and what you can do with your career (and your ideas) if you are looking for opportunity.

  • Your potential in the coming recession.

  • Faith, hope, and God’s plan for you.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

"Our CEO - of whatever we're doing - is God."

“You don't have any room for fear in your life if you are a skilled individual and you have integrity and you are a person who gets things're worth a lot.”

“In every economic downturn we've ever had, there have been people who have become multi-millionaires - and they're the ones who saw the downturn as an opportunity to make money, to serve people."

"You could probably have two great jobs right now if you wanted them and had the time."

-Stacy Washington

“Saw the wood that's in front of you. Be faithful. Work really hard.”

-Andrew Crapuchettes

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Are you someone who has integrity and gets stuff done? There are people who are desperate to find you! This is the time to look for new opportunities.

Step 2: Are you wondering if anyone would describe you as ‘full of integrity and gets stuff done’? If that’s not the current version of you, make that the future version of you.

Step 3: Recessions are times of opportunity for those who are prepared. Look at your assets and ask yourself what you can do to prepare!

I hope Stacy’s story, her enthusiasm for action, and her optimism are an encouragement to you. Let’s all work hard, try new things, and step out with courage and hope! You can keep track of all the incredible things Stacy is doing at her website - Stacy On The Right.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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