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How One Company Found Success Reloading Their Talent in a Difficult Labor Market

Small business owner Mike Dillon built his company from a garage start-up to a leading supplier of munitions reloading equipment for America’s shooting sports industry.

But, the lack of available skilled workers threatened to stunt Dillon Precision’s growth.

It wasn’t an issue of retention. Rather, Dillon has a remarkable employee retention track record, with many staying for up to forty years.

Their industry can be demanding and exists in what is often a politically-charged space. Their job seekers needed to be more than just skilled candidates: they also need to be mission-aligned.

Dillon Precision tried LinkedIn, but quickly found that LinkedIn affords no opportunity to find mission-aligned talent. Even worse, the flood of applicants yielded zero qualified candidates over several months. Recruiting services did not provide any relevant or cost effective solutions either.

Their postings on other job boards received similar results: a shotgun blast of resumes that required endless hours to sift through, only to yield not a single qualified candidate.

Dillon’s talent search turned positive when a friend referred them to RedBalloon.

“It was like night and day,” said Dillon Precision Director of Operations Joe Sigrist. “Within two weeks, we had far more qualified candidates than what we received through other job boards.” specializes in connecting motivated, reliable job seekers with good companies that aren’t wrapped up on today’s brand of woke workplace nonsenses.

Dillon Precision found several new team members through RedBalloon, including their new Systems Administrator who runs the entire IT infrastructure of the business.

“He is invaluable and fits right into our workplace culture,” said Joe Sigrist. “We’re looking forward to finding more new hires on RedBalloon, and we’re done sifting through a sea of unqualified candidates from other job boards.”

Do you want to find workers that share the same values as you? If you, like Dillon Precision, want to hire employees who work hard and align with your workplace values, then check out

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