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Job Openings Drop but Quits Rise as Parallel Economy Attracts Workers Away from Divisive Workplaces

Today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) showed that job openings dropped by 500K in May of 2023, down to 9.8 million openings. However, the number of people voluntarily leaving their jobs looking for new work rose by 250K to 4 million, showing an increase of momentum as job switchers look for better work environments.

“DEI and ESG has made many of America’s workplaces toxic and divisive, and we’re seeing the results in these quits numbers,” said RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes, a pioneer in the analysis and application of labor market data. “We’re seeing a flow of capital, job seekers, and families away from these woke economies and geographies and back into more traditional American values. The economic and geographic landscapes are shifting, and this dynamic is accelerating.”

A report in Bloomberg revealed a notable trend in the economy, indicating a wealth migration of $100 billion to southern states such as the Carolinas, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. And, the Associated Press published this week a story on the growing red/blue state split in America.

“People are tired of divisive, toxic policies – whether in government or the workplace – that mandate how they should think, what they can say or post on social media, what news they can watch, or what medical decisions they must make,” continued Crapuchettes. “Americans want their freedom, and they’re taking action to find it.”

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