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Labor Market's March Madness

The Labor Market “Week in Review”

All you need to know about what you need to know!

1. Labor Market’s March Madness. A new study shows that small business hiring is surging as big companies shed employees. Read more here.

2. Cooling Your Jets. The Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey for January showed that open positions shrunk to 10.8 million, meaning the labor market may be cooling. Read more here.

3. Not Fed Up Anymore. The Fed may be getting its soft landing after all, as February’s Jobs Report shows that the economy created 311,000 jobs in February, while wage increases cooled to just 0.2%. Read more here.

4. Layoff Fever. Nearly a 1/3 of Americans are worried about losing their jobs. Read more here.

5. RedBalloon’s CEO offers analysis on this week’s trends in the labor market.

6. Catchy Quotes:

“This feels like the soft landing the Fed was trying to produce. This is an easing of job growth, a stabilizing of wage growth, and an economy that is integrating most of the laid-off workers from the brand name companies.” -- Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of RedBalloon

“Over the past 2 years, big companies offered huge signing bonuses and inflated salaries that priced smaller businesses out of the labor market. Now, for the first time in quite a while, small businesses have access to job seekers, and that should produce booming small business growth this year.” -- Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of RedBalloon

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