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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Press Contact: Kim Doster

(MOSCOW, ID) – As the labor shortage continues to hover near record highs, one job board has the opposite problem – an influx of job seekers looking for work.

“RedBalloon is declaring war on the wokeness that’s taking over American businesses,” said Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of “People don’t come to work to be taught that they’re inherently racists, or that they’re oppressed. They come to work to dedicate themselves to a mission and to provide a living for their families.”

RedBalloon has dominated the hiring game over its six-month existence by promoting freedom and medical autonomy in the workplace. With a 3:1 ratio of job seekers to jobs, RedBalloon provides a substantial pool of talent for pro-freedom businesses struggling to hire. Employers on RedBalloon sign a pledge to allow employees to live their values and to emphasize skills and qualifications over political persuasions. RedBalloon’s message has resonated strongly throughout the United States, expanding the job board’s reach from a local community into a nationwide movement.

“People want stability. They want to know they’ll be able to support their families and their livelihoods,” continued Crapuchettes. “They don’t want to feel like they’re constantly at risk of losing their jobs simply by saying the wrong thing or sharing the wrong ideology on social media. RedBalloon’s jobs provide that stability and peace of mind for our job seekers – no social justice required.”

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