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Losing Everything to Government Persecution with The Patriot Barbie

Notes From the Producer

Lindsey Graham became The Patriot Barbie after saying “No” to Oregon’s statewide COVID-19 lockdowns, opening her salon in defiance of government mandates. Lindsey tells Andrew about the extreme intimidation and harassment that she experienced immediately after her bold move – from threats of $50,000/day fines, to Child Protective Services coming after her kids.

Lindsey shares how she lost nearly everything by taking a stand against government tyranny, and how she found a far greater purpose through her act of courage. Lindsey’s stand has turned her into a Republican icon, a conservative activist, and a powerful force for freedom among her fellow patriots.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

"I think that people who are sitting back and saying, ‘I know that this is wrong, I know what the right thing to do is, but I don't want to risk my neck’…you actually took your part and put it on someone else's shoulders…there's not pride in that."

"When people hear that I lost everything doing what I did - I just have to say that it's still been the greatest thing in my life."

-Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Talks About

  • How she came to the decision to re-open one of her businesses after six weeks of statewide lockdowns.

  • The daily harassment she faced from state agencies: threats of $50,000/day fines, losing licenses and her building, and a Class C misdemeanor.

  • The last straw: CPS coming after Lindsey’s kids.

  • The $14,000 fine that Lindsey fought until she couldn’t afford legal fees anymore, and the state’s threats to garnish her bank accounts and put a lien on her home.

  • How her businesses were cancelled, and Antifa tracked her movements.

  • How state whistleblowers called to tell her that the state agencies were issuing empty threats.

  • Her new lawsuit against Governor Kate Brown and every state agency that targeted her.

  • How Lindsey and her family had to leave the life they loved in Oregon, and how much better their life is now.

  • How critical it is that conservatives speak up now – while they still have the chance.

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Be brave in your conversations. When your conservative values are being mocked or threatened – speak up for them! You will draw your fellow conservatives out of the woodwork and give progressive co-workers a reality check.

Step 2: Get Lindsey's book and support her fight!

In this Episode

We might not all be called to take a stand for freedom in the same way. Maybe you’re not supposed to be in the middle of the fight like Lindsey, but you can still come alongside her to push back against government tyranny.

Whatever you do, don’t think ‘at least it’s not me’ and go on with life, keeping your head down. Get out there and join the fight somehow, while you still have the opportunity.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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