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Midterm Elections Indicate Where to Hire “Values-Aligned” Talent


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Media Contact: Isaac Lopez

(208) 997 8013,

Midterm Elections Indicate Where to Hire “Values-Aligned” Talent

In a tight labor market, companies are desperately looking for quality hires

(Moscow, Idaho) - November 10, 2022 – The Midterm Elections are an indication of where to find quality candidates that are “values aligned.” States that were democrat previously, went a deeper blue, and the same happened for GOP run states. The thousands of companies that have come to to find quality jobseekers can find it difficult to know where to begin in this tight labor market.

RedBalloon’s data and analytics team have been tracking and documenting the migration of American talent from states where their values are under represented by legislation to states that are more values aligned. This suggests that companies who are looking for employees that will be productive workers may need to hire remotely or look to relocate their business to applicant-rich locations.

“Political polarization is increasingly driving a divided labor market, making it difficult for companies to hire productive workers in certain areas across the country,” Andrew Crapuchettes, Chief Executive Officer of RedBalloon, said. “The thousands of companies flocking to RedBalloon are beginning to strategize how to tap these hidden pools of talent.”

“Many American jobseekers are taking this opportunity to make the move that they have been contemplating for years. Now that they are finally migrating to states that support and protect their values, companies would benefit from offering remote work or relocating their entire business,” Crapuchettes added.

If you would like to interview Andrew on what the fallout of the midterm elections means for businesses and jobseekers, contact Isaac Lopez at (208) 997 – 8013 or


RedBalloon is a pro-freedom job board that launched in the fall of 2021, championing the opportunity for oppressed workers to connect with employers that will evaluate them based on the quality of their work and not their view of politics. To find out more, explore

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