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Moms for America with Kimberly Fletcher

Notes from the Producer

A happy belated Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! Our guest for this episode has a special message just for you. Kimberly Fletcher is the president and founder of Moms for America, an organization that empowers mothers to raise patriots and promote liberty for the healing of America. She is also an author, radio host, and the executive director of the Moms March Movement.

In this episode, Kimberly shares the powerful story behind Moms for America, and the impact that mothers across the country are having on every part of our culture - from education, to the workforce, to politics. As a mom myself, Kimberly’s message resonates. We often talk about preserving American freedom for future generations, but Kimberly takes a general concept and brings it home. Her mission is to empower parents to pass on the love of liberty to their children, and equip them with the knowledge and skills to know what to do with it. This is a timely episode for parents and grandparents who want a meaningful way to invest in America's future.

Kimberly Talks About:

  • The tragic day when she went from being patriotic, to a patriot, and how Moms for America was born.

  • How important mothers are in the story of our nation, and especially in the preservation of the freedom that made our country great.

  • The organization’s explosive growth since 2017.

  • The signature program of Moms for America – The Cottage Meeting Project.

  • The educated mom whose state representative asked her to “slow down” so he could take notes during their conversation about constitutional principles.

  • How “liberals” are suddenly discovering that they are not as “liberal” as they thought.

  • The concerning trend of schools teaching case law instead of constitutional law.

  • The jobs, income, and status that moms across America are exchanging for freedom, and the joy and fulfillment that they are experiencing because of it.

Katie's Favorite Quotes:

"In one generation we can turn this all around - by going to the children and grandchildren that are in our sphere of influence right now, and teaching them what America is about."

“Matthew Vassar - when he started Vassar Women’s College - he said he did so because he realized that the mothers of a country mold its citizen, determines its institutions, and shape its destiny.”

“They have more knowledge and understanding of the constitution and the principles of liberty than the majority of elected officials, judges, and attorneys in the country.”

“When you know the true story of America, when you know what your rights are and where they come from, and how to effectively exercise them, it is one of the most empowering things that could ever happen.”

-Kimberly Fletcher

Freedom Focus:

Step 1: Educate yourself, equip your kids, and connect with other freedom-loving moms through Moms for America. There are many ways to connect, but I recommend the Cottage Meeting Project.

Step 2: Make a change. You know the area of life where you are stuck - where you don’t have freedom. Make the changes in your life that will reflect your pro-freedom priorities and bring you joy.

In this Episode: Moms for America

If you are a mom – thank you from all of us at RedBalloon. You have an incredibly important job and we are cheering you on as you raise the next generation of freedom-loving Americans.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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