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Money and America: Jobs, Security, and Growth with Tom Dans

Notes from the Producer

Tom Dans shares his journey from the Ivy League to finance firms, entrepreneurial ventures, and even a critical role in the U.S. Treasury Department. Tom explains how he and his team at Amberwave Partners are pushing back against the left-leaning ESG framework (Environment, Social, Governance) with a new framework that puts America first: JSG (Jobs, Security, Growth).

The courageous team at Amberwave is helping Americans to bring jobs back to America, stand for national security, and support economic growth, all while preparing for retirement. Listen to this episode today if you want your retirement strategy to make America stronger, safer, and more free.

Tom Talks About

  • His career journey and decision to use his financial experience to serve his country.

  • His role as Counselor to the Under Secretary for International Affairs at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

  • The Department of Treasury's involvement in the COVID situation.

  • Viewing debt as a tool, and hope for the inflation situation.

  • How the JSG framework (jobs, security, growth) focuses on many elements of security, including national defense interests, cybersecurity, food security, and energy security (especially domestic energy security).

  • The difference between ESG and JSG standards.

  • How Amberwave Partners has evaluated all 500 companies in the S&P 500 (representing 80% of the entire market), and established an ETF with the 20% that support JSG values.

  • How their fund is beating the broader index, in spite of the challenging market.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

“In extraordinary times you are called to do the best you can and just aim for excellence.”

"I think the greatest merit in that it brought investors thinking from purely a financial return exercise to overlaying decision-making with values."

“We're [IUSA] getting both a strong investment but we're getting something that helps - where we don't have to trade on our values."

-Tom Dans

"Debt is a tool - government spending that is out of control is NOT a tool."

-Andrew Crapuchettes

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Talk to your financial advisor and make sure that your money is supporting your country.

Step 2: Stand up for America! Even if it's just making sure that you're putting up your American flag at every opportunity.

In this Episode

Thanks for joining us on The Courageous Economy. I hope you have a courageous week and keep tuning in for more inspiration and ideas!

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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