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Navigating the Workplace: Remote Work, Hybrid Models, and the Return to the Office

Months ago, RedBalloon CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes, joined Fox Business to outline the emerging tug-of-war between remote-working employees and company management who are pushing for people to return to the office. Lately, we’ve been seeing a winner in this contest.

Several high-profile reports have emerged on management canceling remote work, including companies such as Disney, Amazon, and more. Interestingly even Zoom, one of the biggest benefactors of remote work, is demanding employees return to the office.

But a new hybrid trend is growing. According to a study done by, 41% of workers now come to the office 2-3 times a week, while 35% come 1 time a week, and only 24% of employees come to the office 5 times a week. This growing trend is an indicator that employers are winning the remote work tug-of-war.

For some this looks like a temporary step towards a permanent return to the office however, as many employers believe that face-to-face engagement is where innovation, ideas, and workplace chemistry is developed. Many employers will want that competitive edge to develop and drive their companies.

At RedBalloon, we love working with employers that want to build a strong culture, and we’re here to help you navigate through remote, hybrid, or in person workplaces with the best people who will help you compete and win. If you’re an employer looking for this kind of help, or a job seeker looking for the right employer, sign up on today.

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